Response to GOV.UK ‘feedback’ request after responding to OxCam Arc survey

Question 1

“ – Whether I have sought information elsewhere and if so from whom”:


My sources of information are primarily all the noble campaigners whom I see on Twitter or as contributors to City Voice Website.

Question 2

“- Any other comments?”


The impression from these sources is that the forces behind the OxCam Arc idea are: 

(1)    developers and other businesses that see it solely as a source of profit

(2)    local auth chiefs in cahoots with these developers (the so-called LEPs and Growth Boards are precise examples of this unsatisfactory alliance;

(3)    certain hidey influencers such as the Universities (heavily invested in the land between Ox and Cam and looking for planning gain;

(4)    – and lazy government thinking.

– and that all this has nothing to do with proper planning.

Further exacerbation is that I hear from a member of the Public Accounts Committee that the reasons why the Establishment

– and there clearly is one, just above described and further including complacent MPs and Ministers –

wishes to concentrate on development here in the SE where growth productivity and wealth are already good, is that:

   “it’s easier to get funding from Whitehall 

    for areas that are already growing !!!!!!!!!”

Excuse the thousand exclamation marks: the purpose of planning and new development must in high proportion be developing and channelling growth and influence to the LESS developed areas

           – the North etc –

– where INATTention by Westminster strongly caused the Brexit vote = dissatisfaction with status quo.

All this is OBVIOUS to Man in Street.

WHY WHY is it not obvious to Man in Whitehall ? 

We can only dare to assume: (blinkered / corrupt / lazy ).

Someone has to say these sharp things and I am happy to do so.

But will not waste time polishing my text until someone replies to me and tells me I am being listened to.

Then you must also please invite to Whitehall STELLA STAFFORD and ROSIE PEARSON, Chris Church, Steve Dawe, Peter Jay, NNGO, Friends of the Earth, and (just as an example) all the people you will see corresponding about planning on @CityVoiced (Twitter).

THAT would be a start of public consultation, and these people will guide you further on biodiversity, etc etc etc.

DO IT NOW please   @CityVoiced   07866 470 409  

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