New Rules For Protest Actions

1    These ideas are from a person, “P*”, who has been a ‘campaigner’ since the 1970s. He came up with them based on an instinctive emotion-legal reaction to four decades (!) of observing ‘protest’ – a matured and considered reaction which says: it is really time we updated our culture to take into account     […]

OxCam Arc GOV UK Survey Reply

Response to GOV.UK ‘feedback’ request after responding to OxCam Arc survey Question 1 “ – Whether I have sought information elsewhere and if so from whom”: Answer: My sources of information are primarily all the noble campaigners whom I see on Twitter or as contributors to City Voice Website. Question 2 “- Any other comments?” […]

Stella Stafford

“If London was built to the same density as Milton Keynes it would cover East Anglia – this is precisely what worries many of us” – Stella Stafford was transformed by events from being an author of cosy fiction into a campaigner – dealing with brute fact – or at least weird proposals. The one […]

Summary of Proposed Biodiversity Legislation

SUMMARY 1   Establish system of EBGs      (Established Biodiversity Guardians). = Ecologists registered and approved by two respected organizations (FoE, CPRE, CivicVoice, etc.) With legal powers, they lay down (as law) what can be done to a site. 2   They establish Biome Value (BV) for each site.    Sliding scales from   Keep 100%    to    All action allowed […]

Mad Council Disease

Mad Council Disease (MCD) is a bovine encephalopathy that affects some councils, sometimes unexpectedly, even when the body politic is apparently healthy and in possession of all its faculties. It has to be guarded against – rather like thunderstorms, which can come unpredictably and require severe and strong channels in place to deal with them. […]

Upend The System

In May 2018 the public was asked to comment on the government’s new ‘National Planning Policy Framework’ This is one response Contents   ‘0’      “Why this head-on revolutionary approach?”               1      Nature of the public voice     2      Why this proposal for radical change?     3      The new central principle: planning should grow out […]